The Black Movie Podcast
The Black Movie Podcast, where we celebrate black culture through its cinema by reviewing and discussing black-led films from a range of different genres and time-periods.

Latest episode

S2E9 - Shaft (2000)

S2E8 - The Harder They Fall (2021)

James takes revenge on his cohosts by having them watch an incredibly competent Black western. Ride along to watch the cinematic drama starring Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, Regina King and supreme character actor Delroy Lindo.

S2E7 - The Wiz (1978)

Ryan the cohosting lion eases the BMP crew down the road, as we take a look at the fantastical Black-ass adaptation of the Wizard of Oz. Starring a blockbuster ensemble cast including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Lena Horne and Nipsey Russell, this ambitious musical remains a family classic in many Black households despite its uneven performances thanks to some incredible musical selections.

S2E6 - Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (1999)

Andre’ guides the hosts as the path of the samurai crosses a gangster revenge story in the cult classic Ghost Dog. An indie film starring Forest Whitaker and featuring the first movie soundtrack scored by RZA of Wu-Tang that melds Japanese philosophy with gritty tragic mafia flair.

S2E5 - Posse (1993)

Lauren rounds us up to watch Posse, a wild western romp directed by and starring Mario Van Peebles about a group of five soldiers that dodge the military, defend a Black frontier town from the Klan, and shed a spotlight on the lesser-known real history of Black cowboys...with various levels of success.

S2E4 - One Night In Miami...

James takes us back, way back to the past in this 2020 fictional account of a single impactful evening whereMuhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown and Malcolm X delve into their roles and struggles in the Civil Rights Movement.

S2E3 - Soul Food

S2E2 - Hoop Dreams

Andre' leads everyone in a watch of Hoop Dreams, an incredible Peabody-award winning documentary covering the lives of two basketball prodigies in Chicago on their journey to try and get to the NBA.

S2E1 - Eve's Bayou

Lauren and the crew kick off a new season with a look at the 1997 coming of age classic Eve's Bayou.

S1E12 - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

For our season finale, the BMP crew looks at the 2020 Oscar-nominated (and snubbed) adaptation of August Wilson's play featuring Viola Davis & the late Chadwick Boseman.

S1E11 - Carmen Jones

Lauren takes us way back to marvel at Carmen Jones, an all-Black 1954 musical featuring the venerable Harry Belafonte and the magnetic Dorothy Dandridge.