The Black Movie Podcast
The Black Movie Podcast, where we celebrate black culture through its cinema by reviewing and discussing black-led films from a range of different genres and time-periods.
S1E11 - Carmen Jones

Lauren takes us way back to marvel at Carmen Jones, an all-Black 1954 musical featuring the venerable Harry Belafonte and the magnetic Dorothy Dandridge.

S1E10 - Good Hair

Andre' brings us our first documentary in Good Hair, Chris Rock's exploration of the history and culture surrounding Black haircare and beauty culture, while everyone recoils in horror remembering the smell of relaxer.

S1E9 - School Daze

Ryan introduces the squad to a less celebrated Spike Lee joint, and it turns out there's a reason for that! Another entry in the Fishburne Cinematic Universe and a glimpse of Black frat & sorority culture.

S1E8 - Us

Lauren drags Andre' James and Ryan into Jordan Peele's house of mirrors, discuss the direction of Black horror and the humor inherent in the genre.

S1E7 - Finding Forrester

James and the BMP team study up on Finding Forrester, a film about the serendipitious relationship between a mentor and student, and reflect on the inadvertant wellspring of memes Sean Connery created.

S1E6 - Moonlight

Andre' pulls us into the beautiful 2016 Best Picture winner Moonlight, and everyone reflects on the enthralling characters, brave story structure & magical cinematography.

S1E5 - Akeelah and the Bee

Ryan and the BMP crew talk about spelling bees, the Angela Bassett Black Mom Continuum, and the dearth of coming of age movies for Black girls.

S1E4 - The Last Dragon

Lauren leads a conversation about blaxsploitation/musical kung-fu film The Last Dragon, starring Taimak and Vanity and produced by Barry Gordy.

S1E3 - Marshall

James leads the BMP crew in a discussion about Marshall (2017), a biopic about the late civil rights lawyer & supreme court justice Thurgood Marshall, starring the late Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K. Brown.

S1E2 - The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The BMP crew come together to discuss The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019), discuss the difficulty of finding home in a gentrifying city.